Contact Info

  • Property owner contacts Copan
  • Copan manager makes an appointment and meets (in person/ virtual) with the property owner and explains scope of services and packages
  • Copan’s legal team goes over and confirms property documents and ownership of the property
  • Copan manager visits the property for inspection and assess for any repairs and upgrades
  • Copan manager and owner go over property inspection report and agree on repairs and upgrades suggested by the owner
  • Legal team goes over the contract between the owner and Copan and the owner signs the contract
  • Copan team, carries out all the repairs and upgrades agreed up on in the contract and gets the property ready to be rented
  • Copan finds and confirms a tenant after background verification
  • Legal team get a contract signed between the tenant and the property owner
  • Tenant will be given the keys and Copan starts monitoring the property
  • Copan documents payments of rent, bills and taxes. Copan conducts periodic inspections of the property with photo/video documentation.