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Scope of Services for Residential under PMS

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Property inspection

  • Quarterly inspection of the property when it is occupied by tenant.
  • Monthly inspection of the property from the inside and outside when it is vacant.
  • Ad hoc Inspection of the property upon the complaint of the owner, tenant, neighbour or society maintenance office.
  • Inventory check: complete inventory check list to be maintained and reviewed upon entry and exit i.e. when tenant takes handover and when the tenant vacates the property.
  • Feedback to the property owner- Regular feedback along with photographs & Videos uploaded into owner’s portal on the website.
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On Demand Repairs & Maintenance services

  • Taking phone calls and responding promptly on alerts about damages like seepage, termite, or any wear and tear etc.
  • Getting quotes from skilled Professionals who advise on cost effective Refurbishment work - from simple redecoration to large extensions and conversions.
  • Recommend and arrange appropriate professional in our contact list (painter, plumber, electrician, carpenter, masonry work, pest control etc) who provide prompt and quality services at competitive rates.
  • Supervision of minor and major repair works (electrical, plumbing, carpentry and other issues). Final inspection of work and reporting to the owner of the completed work via photos / videos.
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Payment & Collection of bills

  • Payment of bills like property tax, maintenance bill, electricity bill, water bill etc, when property is not occupied by tenant.
  • Collection of rent and other dues from tenant and depositing into owner’s account on a timely manner.
  • Collection of utility bills paid receipts from tenant, book keeping and updating into owners portal.
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Rental Services

  • Searching good tenant for the property*
  • Getting your property rented at the earliest with regular showing to prospective tenants.
  • Tenant background verification .
  • Taking handover of property upon exit by tenant.
  • Assessing the cost of damages, unpaid bills or rent and managing final settlement of the dues with the tenant.
  • Negotiate rent and security deposit with potential tenants in consultation with the property owner.
  • Collecting security and rental cheques from the tenant in advance and deposit into home owner’s bank account promptly.
  • Provide owner with the current market rental rates and potential sell price upon request.
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Marketing and showing the property

  • Marketing the house by listing the property in various rental search websites.
  • Showing the property to new prospective tenants.
  • Keep the house keys in a secure place while it is vacant.